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I have been an excessive sweater all my life, and no clinical strength antiperspirant has remotely worked for me except this one....I worked out AND did a play at an outdoor theatre in the middle of the hot Texas summer, and my pits remained miraculously completely dry all day.

- Verified Amazon Customer

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Dr. Sweat clinical strength antiperspirant pads


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New Beauty
April 2020

New Beauty Awards 2020: Winner Best Innovation. “A permanent addition to my shopping list, one jar delivers 70 days of sweet, sweat-free freedom—a privilege I’d pay any amount for.”

Glamour magazine
February 2020

Glamour Beauty Awards 2020: Winner Best clinical deodorant for women. “If you need clinical-level sweat support, this is it.”

People magazine
February 2020

Dr. Sweat Clinical Strength Antiperspirant has been selected as a People En Español’s Star Beauty Award winner! 

The Oprah Magazine
October 2019

The Oprah Magazine Fall Beauty O-Wards: Winner. “I wiped this under my arms for two days – and I’m not sweating in the 100-degree weather. A total game changer for me.”

NBC News
August 2019

"Dr. Zeichner, MD, a board-certified dermatologist, recommends a new over-the-counter antiperspirant he says works differently than traditional
products. 'It uses aluminum chloride to create mild swelling around the sweat gland, preventing wetness from reaching the surface of the skin.'"

August 2019

"For you super-sweaters out there, try the new Dr. Sweat Clinical Strength Antiperspirant pads. These contain the highest concentration of aluminum chloride (the main sweat-stopping ingredient in most antiperspirants) that you can get without a prescription."

Yahoo! lifestyle
July 2019

"If you deal with excessive underarm sweat, then listen up because there's a new antiperspirant that offers the highest level of sweat protection without a prescription. Dr. Sweat can replace your antiperspirant for 7 days."

July 2019

"Designed to keep underarm sweating at bay for upto ten days with one use, these clinical-strength, antiperspirant drenched pads deliver some serious sweat defense. They also don’t leave behind a powdery white residue on your clothing, which is obviously a huge plus."

Shape magazine
July 2019

"Get this: with Dr. Sweat Clinical Strength Antiperspirant pads, you need to wipe your pits only once and you’re pretty much covered for the week."

Ask Men
July 2019

"The once-a-week Dr. Sweat deodorant pads that use 15 percent aluminum chloride may be the added oomph some people need."

Women's Health magazine
May 2019

Winner: Best deodorant for extreme sweaters. "If you sweat a lot, or suffer from hyperhidrosis, these pads may be your best bet. They’re clinically proven to reduce sweat for seven days – yes, a
whole week!"

Elle magazine
May 2019

“I’d gotten through the entire day (wearing white, no less!) without so much as a drop of sweat, I was astonished. There was simply no denying it: This stuff really worked.”

Health magazine
April 2019

“Want an antiperspirant that goes above and beyond? Try Dr. Sweat Clinical Strength Antiperspirant...for up to seven sweat-free days ahead”

Allure magazine
February 2019

“Dr. Sweat’s new pads deliver 15% aluminum chloride, the highest possible amount you can get without an actual prescription…After 3 days, you’ll build up a noticeably stronger shield against excessive sweat.”