Always on the lookout for a stronger antiperspirant?


You might be living with excessive sweating.

Sweating is an absolutely normal and necessary function of the human body. But, if you’re an excessive sweater, or someone with a condition called hyperhidrosis, you could be producing up to five times more perspiration than is needed – and dealing with the discomfort that comes with it.

Every person has from two to four million sweat glands distributed across their body. Most of these are called eccrine glands, and they produce a clear, ordorless fluid that helps regulate body temperature. (The other kind are called apocrine glands and they’re the ones responsible for body odor.) For excessive sweaters, the eccrine glands in particular are overactive – it’s like the sweat switch is always turned on.

And that can create some difficult situations to deal with. From having to change clothes multiple times a day, to having trouble using touchscreens and technology, to seeing your sweat soak through paperwork at school or at the office, or just avoiding handshakes or physical contact, excessive sweating comes with a whole host of challenges we know you’d rather be without.

Dr Sweat is here to help.

Serious clinical strength for excessive sweaters