When is the best time to apply antiperspirant and deodorant?

Should I apply antiperspirant at night for better sweat protection?

It’s a lesser known fact that applying antiperspirant at night is more effective at keeping sweat at bay than during the day. Why? Interestingly, sweat glands are more receptive to active ingredients when they’re less active themselves – giving you extra defense against sweat. Read on to learn how to reduce sweating when you apply antiperspirant at night. 

Does applying antiperspirant at night really make a difference?

The short answer is yes. If you apply antiperspirant at night, it’s proven to be more effective at keeping you dry than during the day. A study by the British Journal of Dermatology found that if you apply antiperspirant at night – when your body naturally sweats less – “it improves conditions for the active ingredients to enter the duct”. Likewise, The International Hyperhidrosis Society confirms you’ll get the most benefit if you apply your antiperspirant at night – a game-changing lifehack, especially for those who experience excessive sweating. If you’re looking for the strongest sweat protection, you can also try applying a clinical strength antiperspirant deodorant at night.

Applying antiperspirant at night can help with excessive sweating

We all sweat – it’s a normal bodily process. But, what happens if it feels like you’re sweating non-stop? Excessive sweating is that feeling of being drenched, wet and sweaty even when you’re not hot, stressed or exercising. For seemingly no reason at all – it’s perspiration without a trigger. In fact, there are around 365 million people living with excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) every day, all around the world. The night sweats, on the other hand, are usually caused by something specific – hormonal shifts, infections, illness, low blood sugar or sometimes, the cause of night sweats can be a one off and unexplained. If any of these situations sound familiar, then applying your antiperspirant deodorant at night could help improve your sweat defences.

When to apply deodorant? Anytime goes.

Unlike antiperspirant deodorants which perform better when applied at night, applying deodorant at night makes little difference. Why? Because antiperspirants contain active ingredients which temporarily plug sweat glands and reduce the flow of sweat, whereas deodorants purely mask odour and don’t stop you sweating. So, when to apply deodorant? The answer: whenever you need a burst of freshness and fragrance.


How to reduce sweating: the dos and don’ts of antiperspirant

Do apply antiperspirant to dry skin

 You know the story – an antiperspirant absorbs moisture, so, applying it to damp underarms will only prevent the product from absorbing sweat fully, which in turn impacts its efficacy. Instead it will mix with the water residue already on your skin, which can cause irritation. To make sure they’re dry – try using a hairdryer on a cool setting to help speed up the drying process.

Don’t shave or wax your underarms

Tiny nicks and cuts can get irritated by the active ingredients in antiperspirant. Aluminium Chloride is super-efficient for excessive sweating and at keeping underarms dry – but it can be irritating on skin. So give yourself around 48 hours after waxing or shaving to let your skin settle before applying clinical strength antiperspirants.

Don’t give up on fragrance

Top up your fragrance levels during the day by using a deodorant or body spray. An antiperspirant like Dr Sweat keeps your underarms dry and is fragrance free so you can choose your own unique scent.

Do apply antiperspirant at night

As we’ve said, applying antiperspirant at night is a key tip to making your sweat protection work harder for you for the next day.  

There you have it. The long-lasting, clinical protection of Dr Sweat combined with choosing to apply antiperspirant at night gives you the best sweat defense.







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