7 reasons to try Dr. Sweat for excessive sweating

Everybody sweats, but some people sweat more than others. In fact, 365 million people all over the world experience excessive sweating, which is exactly why Dr. Sweat was created. While your average antiperspirant can be effective in reducing the symptoms of excessive sweating, many people who experience the daily chore of dealing with sweat are looking for something stronger, easy-to-use, and available over the counter. As a proud supporter of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, we’re here to help you and millions of others feel cool and comfortable in your skin. If you’re experiencing excessive sweating regularly, chances are you’ve tried many over-the-counter clinical antiperspirants on the market. Well, Dr Sweat is different. Discover the 7 reasons why below:

Putting Dr Sweat clinical antiperspirant to the test

1. Reduces excessive sweating for up to 7 days

That’s right, one pre-soaked antiperspirant pad provides protection against excessive sweating for up to 7 days, so you can focus on the more important things in life. That’s why Women's Health Magazine lists us as the ‘best for extreme sweaters’ and People Magazine heroes our ‘no sweat for a week’ innovation. We believe that sweat management shouldn’t be a chore, so our products are formulated to require minimum effort and give maximum results.

2. Hot Room tested for clinically proven results

What’s a Hot Room study? This is a rigorous test our over-the-counter clinical antiperspirant has undergone to prove its efficacy. By measuring the sweat flow of participants in a room temperature of 40oC, the Hot Room test proves that aluminum chloride is the most effective active ingredient for excessive sweaters. In the words of Elle Magazine, ‘this stuff really works’.

3. The highest sweat protection in an over-the-counter product

While your average clinical antiperspirant can be effective in reducing the symptoms of excessive sweating – such as extreme dampness and body odour – many people are looking for something stronger without the need for surgical procedures. Sound familiar? Dr Sweat has 15% aluminum chloride, making it the highest concentration available in an over-the-counter clinical antiperspirant.

 4. Our antiperspirant pads are unfragranced

We know that smelling good goes hand in hand with feeling confident. That’s why our antiperspirant pads are formulated without fragrance, so you can wear your favorite fragrance without the fear of it being overpowered by your antiperspirant scent. 

5. Dr Sweat is designed to be applied at night

It’s a lesser known fact that applying antiperspirant at night is more effective at keeping sweat at bay during the day. Why? Sweat glands are more receptive to active ingredients when they’re less active themselves.

6. Dr Sweat is unisex – a one-size fits all solution

Men and women both experience excessive sweating in similar ways, which is why our products are unisex and available to all. We believe that the most effective solution should be recommended to everyone regardless of their gender.

7. Our reviews are overwhelmingly positive

While clinical studies prove that we’ve cracked the best active ingredient for managing excessive sweating, our positive reviews from the likes of Health Magazine, Family Circle, NBC News and Oprah Magazine speak for themselves. After testing numerous over-the-counter options for excessive sweating, Allure Magazine’s Marci Robin states: ‘Dr Sweat’s new antiperspirant pads are the only thing that has ever kept my underarms dry.’ She goes on to describe that even after a particularly sweaty workout, her underarms remained ‘totally, shockingly, impressively dry’.

‘Dr Sweat’s new antiperspirant pads are the only thing that has ever kept my underarms dry’

Allure magazine 

We could go on and on about the many reasons to try Dr Sweat for excessive sweating – from the clinically proven active ingredient to the effortless, long-lasting application and rave reviews. We hope it works wonders for you, too. 

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